Duo Noire: Night Triptych

Released June 22nd, 2018 on New Focus Recordings

Night Triptych (2018)

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Produced with GRAMMY-winner guitarist William Coulter, the album features premiere recordings of newly commissioned works by six highly accomplished and diverse women composers from around the world: GRAMMY-nominee Clarice AssadCourtney Bryan, ECM Artist Golfam KhayamMary KouyoumdjianGity Razaz, and Gabriella Smith.

"Once you hear the sheer musicality of its premiere recordings of six new works for duo guitar, and how wonderfully they are played, you may be tempted to award the album several more [gold stars]...the depth, variety, and range of colors is astounding... There's a goldmine of ideas and feelings here, whose riches will unveil themselves more and more over time." 

The music really is terrific: original, colourful, exciting and taking advantage of everything two guitars have to offer in the way of technique, tone and timbre. It helps that the music also has such talented advocates, who embrace opportunities to improvise and embellish with style and gusto…[a] marvelous recital.”

Mallett and Flippin play the whole program with terrific panache. Indeed, it would be hard to imagine more engaged or sympathetic performances of any of these pieces and the guitarists’ command of the varied stylistic demands between all six is faultless. An important disc, sure, but, even more, an inviting one that takes you to some fresh places well worth experiencing.

This [is a] brilliant album…[they] expand the repertoire for two guitars in marvelous ways…the works both transcend and exemplify the characteristics of the instruments…[with] the Duo’s phenomenal technique…the collection is a delight throughout…compulsively listenable…The album…is a complete success on all counts.

AllMusic Review:

"Thanks to delving into this refreshing and musically diverse offering from Duo Noire...listeners will expand their understanding of the kinds of sounds that may be drawn from this beautiful instrument. And not only that–the Duo achieves their sonic explorations with an impeccable sense of ensemble and easy musicianship that sounds like they’ve been playing together for decades. The disc is a delight." Review:
"Flippin and Mallett, virtuosos who invest their performances with energy and conviction. To claim that the two break new ground in the world of classical guitar music on the hour-long release isn't overselling it." 

Classical Modern Music Review:
"Duo Noire, aka Thomas Flippin and Christopher Mallett are talented exponents of the contemporary classical guitar, with technique to spare and an interpretive acumen that serves them well..."

"...This duo seems to have a unique sound and are clearly schooled in their instruments to the point that they even seem to be expanding the very possibilities of a guitar duo...It appears to be a landmark release for identifying new composers contributing to the guitar...This is a wonderful collection with performances that are incisive and intriguing enough to leave their listeners wanting more.  This is a group to watch/listen to."

Midwest Record Review:
"A GROUNDBREAKING RECORD...pushing the envelope forward....Heady stuff that opens the ears in fine style."


"DUO NOIRE PLAY WITH STUNNING TECHNIQUE AND DEEP MUSICIANSHIP. The new repertoire on this recording expands the horizons for the classical guitar duo. The pieces traverse various musical landscapes and bend genres into new shapes. The idea of commissioning female composers is wonderful, as they are sadly underrepresented in the classical guitar world. Bravo to Duo Noire for this amazing sonic adventure, working with them is an honor and a joy."  - William Coulter, GRAMMY-winning guitarist.

"BOTH THE PIECE AND THE PERFORMANCE ARE INCREDIBLE.  It is a really exciting contribution to the repertoire.  Congratulations!"
- Marc Teicholz,  Professor of Guitar at San Francisco Conservatory of Music. 1st Prize: Guitar Foundation of America Competition.


Figments (2014)

Composed by Raymond J. Lustig for Duo Noire. The hypnotic and virtuosic FIGMENTS for two guitars features six duets exploring the limits of interdependence, in which the stereophonic whole of the sound is an intricately woven sum of its parts.

Figments - Ray Lustig & Duo Noire

I CARE IF YOU LISTEN: Where Classical Guitar Meets Minimalism
"Figments, composed by Raymond Lustig and performed by the virtuosic pair, Duo Noire (Thomas Flippin & Christopher Mallett) is a unique and entrancing album that exists at the unusual intersection of minimalism and impressive classical guitar technique...[with] all the talent to execute the challenging passages with it. Flippin and Mallett definitely don’t disappoint...The impressive technique displayed by Duo Noire is perfectly suited to Lustig's delicious compositions, and you wouldn't regret getting a hold of this; if you like acoustic guitar, bluegrass, minimalism, blues -or music at all- you'll definitely enjoy this excellently produced and mastered album."


Something New (2012)

Flippin's debut release, featuring original compositions for solo guitar, as well as pieces by Brouwer, Mompou, and Casseus. 

"The opening Casseus trilogy is great stuff....these indeed, are three little gems...The Brouwer pairing is always a winner...tuneful and warmly evocative music [that is] beautifully played here...The Mompou...remains one of the 20th Century's most beautiful and original guitar works [and] Flippin does it full justice...With Flippin's own pieces...there are many beautiful moments...A fine recital with some attractively performed and recorded music."