Thomas Flippin

Classical Guitarist

Sheet Music:


Beyond Ferguson (2014, rev.2015)  - 6:00
Based on a melody from slain teenager Michael Brown's music and a quote by W.E.B. Du Bois.
Premiered at the 10th St. Art Gallery in St. Louis Feb. 2015
Remix 1: Guitar Duo (Advanced) Arranged for Duo Noire.
Remix 2: Guitar Trio (Advanced) . Arranged for the Kithara Project. 
Original: 4+ Guitars (Easy/Intermediate) for student guitarists in St. Louis.

Ten Kingdoms (2012-Present) - 8:00
I. Sail; II. Trudge; III. Breathe
For Guitar Duo, Based on the writings of Bartolome de las Casas
Premiered in part with Madeleine Davidson at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, Oct. 2012,
And in part with Christopher Mallett at Sheldon Concert Hall and Placitas New Mexico (2013-2014).

Adrift: Streams of Thought (2005) - 7:00
I. Lines Written in Early Spring; II. Annabel Lee
For guitar and soprano. Texts by Edgar Allan Poe and William Wordsworth.
Premiered in full by Dr. Julie Goldberg and Annie Picard, North Park University 2007.
Winner of the University of Chicago Olga and Paul Menn Composition Prize.


Scenes from America for Solo Guitar

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Scenes from America (2012) - 7:00
Depicting the transition from childhood to adulthood across three U.S. cities. 

I. Salt Creek, CA; II. Chicago, IL; III. New York Minute.
Premiered in part by Kenji Haba for the Vox Novus series in NYC, 2011.
Premiered in full at the St Louis Botanical Gardens Theater. 2011.
Published in part by Soundboard of the Guitar Foundation of America.

Neverland (2008) - 8:00
A musical narrative based on a dream.
Physical Copy via

I. Summons; II. Feast; III. Game
Premiered in part by Dr. Julie Goldberg, Vandercook College of Music, Chicago 2007.
Premiered in full at Yale University, 2008. Originally published by Clear Note Publications.



A Soldier's Sonata (2007) - 9:30
I. Onset; II. Vespers; III. Jericho
Depicting the psyche of a soldier in conflict.
Based on my relationships with Bosnian musicians Denis Azabagic and Vesna Mehinovic.
Premiered in full at the Norfolk Music Festival, 2007.